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Entrant: Radical

Name of brand being promoted: Samsung

Title of entry: Samsung Night Run 2015

Name of company entering the work: Radical

Name of product being promoted: Samsung Night Run 2015

Country of entrant company: Ireland

Agency Network: Core Media

Clients name: Michael Hilliard

Creative Director: David Howlett

Art Director/Designer: Alex Synge

Copywriter: Paul O'Loughlin

Developer: Salvo Vaccarino & Marlon Jerez

Digital Producer: Hugh Kirwan

Digital Strategist: Eve Conboy & Matthew Mooney

Account Director: Eve Conboy & Matthew Mooney

Other: People LOVE running, its growth has been seismic in the past decade globally and in Dublin. People also love running in races with over 100 fun runs in Dublin every year alone. It’s a bit of fun and an excuse to get out and get fit. By mining data from previous Samsung Night Runs we revealed that 90% of the runners fell into the ‘getting fit and trying to lose weight’ category. They aren’t serious runners - they’re just looking for a fun way to run 10k. Most of them HATE training though and particularly in wet and windy Dublin on a grim evening in March. Research also told us that over 60% of these runners use mobile apps, wearable health trackers and content as a way of tracking their training progress and keeping them goal focused. They were actively looking for help…and used tech and mobile to do this. This was an opportunity for Samsung to remind these runners that they are the leaders in mobile and wearable health products. Our idea was to gamify 10k training & running, creating an exciting and truly unique experience for Irish runners. By using mobile apps, real-time data and content, we gave the Night Run a boost of innovation, which perfectly positioned Samsung as the No.1 brand for health tech products and features with our audience of urban, health-conscious professionals. A mobile training app and site combined training utility and content with a rewards system and prizes. Simply sign up, get a training plan and tips, complete challenges, earn points and win cool Samsung kit. Our community of 10k heroes could earn points and badges by staying on track with their training plans, all triggered through mobile data. To give the game an extra dimension, we were able to deliver to the individual. We monitored real-time mobile data so we could respond directly to runners with personal badges and rewards just for them. If we saw a group or even an individual who was sofa slouching, we created a badge to motivate them. We were also able to regionalise. If geo-data showed us the Northside of Dublin were doing better than the Southside of Dublin (fierce rivalry) we posted on social channels to stir up a bit of friendly competition. Users were encouraged to share their progress and badges to spark conversations & motivate other friends taking part – or just to brag about how well they were doing. At the start line of the event, we displayed social powered, personalised well-done messages. We even facilitated Facebook messages of support from supporters at home on a giant screen linked to the RFID chip the runners carried. Great currency for the campaign. The 2015 Night Run was Samsung’s most successful to date, with the added engagement and social conversation during training and preparation increasing the events’ visibility and reach. Despite increased competition from other 10k Dublin runs, we increased sign ups in 2015 by over 10% on 2014 numbers. By extending the experience from a single event into a three month long training game, we massively extended the brand value Samsung gained from their investment in the Night Run. Audience and reach for the Night Run on social channels more than doubled and over 28,000 people watched Night Run video content. 28% of all runners took part in the training game, and during the 3 months before the race in April, we awarded over 5,000 badges. We reminded previous and new participants that the Samsung Night Run is the only event of its kind in Ireland, made possible by the most innovative technology brand in the world.